Subtle Hints to Get the Ring You Want

Before you can get to planning your Las Vegas Harley Davidson wedding, your love has to propose. Ideally, he’ll pop the question with the engagement ring that perfectly suits your tastes and personality. To ensure that happens, here are a few tips you can use to drop hints in a nice and subtle – or not so subtle – way.

Use a Picture

engagement ring for las vegas harley davidson weddingIf you and your man have already clearly talked about getting engaged, then go ahead and show him a picture of exactly what you are interested in. This way, there are no potentially unpleasant surprises.

Of course, this means that there isn’t going to be much of a super, awesome surprise either. If surprises aren’t really your thing, however, then this is the perfect way for you to get the ring that you want. Just make sure that you aren’t showing pictures before he’s made it clear that he is planning to buy you a ring. Talk about awkward…

Go With Him

Another option is to go ring shopping with your man. This way, you can discover what you really like and what actually looks good on your hand. You can do this casually as you pass by a jewelry store or you can intentionally set a date for the adventure. The choice really depends on the personality of your man.

However, this option tends to leave the guy feeling pressured to buy something right then. Relieve some of that pressure by making it clear to the agent that you are just “trying things on for size.” Essentially, you’re window shopping.

Let Someone Else Go

If your guy is more of the traditional type, then he probably wants to surprise you with all his charms. If this is the case for you, you can suggest that someone close to you be the point of contact for your preferences.

Let a sister or close friend who knows your tastes in jewelry go with your man to pick out a ring for you. This way, your guy gets to surprise you and you still get the perfect ring.

Design It

This is the perfect way to get the ring you want if you want something unique without the surprise of what the ring looks like. It’s relatively easy to find jewelers who will create a custom engagement ring for you. Just do a little research about the diamond, the metal and the design that you want.

Once the ring is made, let your man hold onto it. He’ll propose when he’s ready and you still get a beautiful surprise!

Let Him Handle It

If you are a traditionalist and love surprises, the easiest way to go is to let your man handle it. This works best for women who trust their men’s instinct.

For this option, all you really have to do is suggest the type of diamond and metal you want. Let your future hubby handle the rest for the ultimate romantic engagement.

Once you are happily engaged, it’s time to set a date and get to planning your Harley dream wedding! Choose the Las Vegas Harley Davidson Wedding chapel for a wedding ceremony that is just as unique as your relationship. For more information about the best Harley wedding chapel in Vegas, call 702.739.9136.