choose the ring for harley davidson weddingRock Knowledge: Diamonds 101


Alright gentlemen, this one is for you.

We assume that you are reading this because you have decided that you are ready to pop the question to your beautiful girlfriend. She loves you just the way you are and all that. Now, you need a ring.

Whether you’ve discussed the ring with your lady intentionally or just listened to her subtle hints, she probably threw a bunch of words out there that you just didn’t understand. That’s okay, your Harley Davidson wedding gurus will teach you everything you need to know to choose the perfect engagement ring with this guide about diamonds.

The Four C’s

Cut, color, clarity and carat are probably the diamond terms you heard that left you looking like a deer in the headlights. Thankfully, understanding them is easy enough. The four C’s are the four major factors that determine a diamond’s quality and cost.

Cut – This refers to how the diamond is cut. It determines the number of facets on the diamond and is a huge contributor to how the rock sparkles. The best cut stones allow all the light that enters the stone to be reflected from the facets. Brilliant cuts shine the most and include princess, round, heart and oval cut diamonds.

diamonds for harley davidson weddingColor – This refers to the color grade of colorless diamonds. They are graded on a scale from D to Z. The best grades are D, E and F because they are truly colorless. These diamonds are the most expensive. Diamonds get more affordable as they get lower grades because of a yellowish tint.

Once you get past Z-grade stones that are yellowish and the most inexpensive, you fall into the world of rare colored diamonds. If you have the budget, consider buying your lady a diamond that is her favorite color.

Clarity – This refers to the flaws in the diamond that are also called inclusions. For the highest-clarity grade diamond, you are looking for flawless diamonds. Diamonds with a few very small flaws are called internally flawless. You can even get away with diamonds graded VVS1 or VVS2 because you can’t really see those imperfections without significant magnification.

Carat – This refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat equals one fifth of a gram. Go big or go home, dude.

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