budgeting for harley davidson wedding

People often say that the two things that end a marriage most are money and children. Don’t let money affect your marriage before it’s had a chance to begin. Use this tips to set a Harley Davidson wedding budget that will help everyone in the long run.

Set A Realistic Budget

Before you plan a single part of your wedding, set up the budget. The reason most budgets don’t work in the long run is because couples start making plans and virgin vendors before the budget is set. Another cause of failed budgets is that couples don’t stop to think about how much it will cost to make their dream wedding a reality.

Budget Type #1: Work Backward

This is the type of budgeting strategy you will choose if you know exactly how much money you have available to spend.

Take the amount you have to use for the wedding (consider the dress and the honeymoon separate) and divide it by how many people you think you will have. That will give you a number per person.

You will divide that number in half because your wedding spending will be the same. One half of your per person budget will be dedicated to the venue, food and bar. The other half of the per person budget will go to everything else. That means flowers, cake, transportation, entertainment and more.

Money Saving Tip: Try to find a venue that is all-inclusive. Choosing packaged deals almost always makes things cost less.

Budget Type #2: Build Forward

This is the type of budget you will create if you have no clue how much a wedding costs or how much you can really spend. To get an idea of what you are working with, do a little research. Basically, you will pretend to plan a wedding.

For the sake of setting up a budget, it is a lot easier and faster if you find a few venues that offers all inclusive package options. Take the price per person that all the venues gave and factor an average.

Take the average cost per person, add tip and multiply that sum by how many people you anticipate having at your wedding. The following example was given by a wedding expert:

185pp + tax and tip = 205 * 200= $41,000

You  have a “working budget” of $82,000

You double the final number to give yourself a little wiggle room. Couples almost always go over their budgets when building up to a final goal. If you are worried about overspending, stick to the first budgeting method.

Once you have your budget set, think about having your wedding in Las Vegas! The creative packages available for a Las Vegas Harley Davidson wedding are affordable and will give you a wedding you and your guests will never forget. For more information about the Harley Davidson wedding, contact 702.739.9136.