While wedding favors aren’t technically necessary, they are a great way for you to thank your guests for attending this special day. Of course, it is awesome if you can do that without spending a ton of money while also showcasing your personality. So, here are some awesome wedding favor ideas that you can use to complement your Harley Davidson wedding.

Creative Favors

harley davidson wedding favorsPersonalized Lip Balm – Most people lose their lip balms on, at least, a weekly basis. You can make them yourself or order them in bulk for an inexpensive favor that is sure to be appreciated.

Sunglasses – If you are having a Las Vegas Harley Davidson wedding, remember that the sun shines here roughly 350 days out of the year. Give your guests sunglasses, and they will literally love you forever.

Hangover Kit – Put together a coordinated kit that your guests can use to conquer the hangover they are likely to experience at least once while in Vegas. Include a small bottle of water (or Gatorade), ibuprofen and an eye mask.

Shot Glasses – Personalize shot glasses with the initials of you and your hubby then use them as placeholders.

Pretty Soaps – If you are particularly crafty, this is a great idea. You can make the soaps yourself or buy mini bars in bulk and decorate a cute little box for them. Your traveling guests will love having the extra bar in case housekeeping forgets to restock one day.

Flip Flops – Whether they are male or female, there is a good chance your guests will be wearing uncomfortable shoes. Give your guests flip flops so the party can go on all night.

Edible Favors

harley davidson wedding favorsPersonalized Mint Tins – Keep the party – and the romance – going strong all night by giving your guests personalized tins filled with mints. Beau-Coup is a great resource to do this on a budget.

Cookie Mix – This is a simple favor that your guests will love once they get home. Just fill mason jars with the ingredients to make your favorite cookie and seal it with a kiss! But don’t forget the lid.

Fortune Cookies – You can personalize the color and fortune of fortune cookie favors with Fancy Fortune Cookies. Fill the cookies with thanks as well as promises of love and happiness to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Now that we have you thinking about the perfect Harley Davidson wedding favors, book the venue! There are packages available for a Las Vegas Harley Davidson wedding that are just as unique as you and your future hubby. For more information about the perfect Harley Davidson wedding, contact 702.739.9136.