At first glance, planning a bachelor party seems easy, especially if you’re partying in Las Vegas. You grab your guys, a limo, booze, and hit the casinos. Depending on the rules imposed on your party by the bride-to-be, there may even be strippers.

However, bachelor party planning can go really bad really fast. Prevent that from happening with these tips from Harley wedding professionals in Las Vegas.

A Cautionary Note

We assume that, if you’re reading this, you’re the best man. So, as you make your party plans, remember the bride. The last thing you want is a groom angry with you because the bride-to-be is angry with him. If you have particularly crazy ideas in mind, you may want to run the more extreme ones by her. You know, just in case.

Of course, the most important person in this party is the groom. So make sure he’s getting what we wants, even if that means mildly upsetting the bride. That whole till-death-do-us-part thing should count for something.

men celebrating bachelor party before a harley weddingWho?

The size of the party is completely up to you and the available budget. Regardless of the size of the party, make sure that the groom’s closest friends and family are there. Of course, before you send out the Facebook invites, make sure everyone on the guest list gets along. Alcohol is sure to be a part of the equation so try to nip drama in the bud before it ever starts.


Once you have an idea about who is coming, it’s time to settle on a location. Of course, a common bachelor party idea is the I-love-Vegas kind of party. There’s alcohol, nightclubs, strip clubs, and gambling.

If that works for you guys, awesome. However, there are certainly other options. A growing trend is the bro-cation. The groomsmen get together and bro-out for a night or a weekend. Depending on the preferences of the men in your group, this can be a chill night in a swanky cigar bar or an afternoon of X-gamesish activities. If money is an issue, you can plan a bro-cation right in your own back yard.

No matter where the party takes place, make sure everyone has transportation if drinking will be involved.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the timing of your party. Our suggestion: plan your party at about a week out from the wedding. If possible, plan it as far as a month out and send the invitations about three weeks before that. This gives all the guys in the party plenty of time to figure out if they’ll be able to attend.

If you’re having a Las Vegas Harley Davidson themed wedding, it’s a good idea to plan the bachelor party closer to the big day without breaking the bank. It makes it easier for your party to get the most out of this city if you are traveling. To learn more about your options, contact 702.739.9136.